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U 4 I is a UK dating site which will help you to look for somebody special who you can share your life with. It is often said that there is somebody for everyone, that whoever you are, whatever success you have had finding love in the past, your special someone is out there waiting to be discovered. Whether you believe it or not part of you must think that it is true because if you weren't looking for love, friendship or romance the chances are that you wouldn't have found our dating sites.

In the UK our lives are different now than those of our parents, grandparents or even ourselves, we have become a society that demands to have our needs serviced 24 hours a day, every day, and as such this has had a profound effect on our lives in general. Online dating in the UK has evolved over the years to become one of the most common ways that people will meet partners or friends because our 24/7 living has meant that for some of us, possibly you, we have to work unsociable shifts that mean we are not able to go out and socialise as much as we would have done in the past.

If you need evidence of our changing lifestyles look at how many of us communicate with each other these days, our social life often predominantly revolves around Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, Windows Live Mail and many other social networking sites or online chat services. Internet dating is just a continuation of this and makes finding a date for whatever reason far simpler. We are used to socialising with each other online and so using any of the Internet Dating Network's dating sites online, including U 4 I, will probably feel comfortable and familiar to you.

Basic membership to any of our online dating site is completely free, you can remain a basic member as long as you wish and pay absolutely nothing. Amongst other things you will be able to browse through our members photo profiles and using advanced searching you will be able to limit the results to the area of the UK or Ireland thatinterests you, maybe this is your own county or town or perhaps even your post code area. Using some of our more advanced services will require that you convert to being a full member but even this is still likely to cost you far less than a good night out with your friends.

If you are hoping to find a date online in order to find lasting friendship, true love, romantic encounters or something more then either U 4 I or one or more of our other dating services is likely to be of interest to you. Whether single or married you are still able to use our internet dating service to find friends or love in the UK. U 4 I and most of our other adult personals sites can be used for singles dating or married dating so make the move, every journey begins with a single step so take it now and join U 4 I or any of our other internet dating sites that appeal to you today for free.


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