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The Internet Dating Network ( Was established in 2008 in order to provide online dating services to everybody. Since then we have grown significantly and are continually expanding our dating network which currently includes over 80 online dating sites.

Our network covers many categories including adult dating, general dating, black dating and gay dating (gay women or men). We also have a growing number of niche online dating sites for those with more specific requirements from a date. These include emergency services dating, elite dating, skinny dating and marital affairs dating to mention but a few.

Our sites cover various countries and we are continually expanding the countries that we move into. Some sites are specific to the UK, whilst others cover South African dating, or dating in countries such as Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, Hong Kong, Gibraltar, the USA, and Canada but this is expanding all the time thanks to the quality of the services and support we can offer.

The number of active members in any of our dating sites will vary depending on which site you are considering joining but for the most part each site will be made up of upwards of a million members. Imagine how easy this makes it to find a date in comparison to the traditional dating methods such as singles events, speed dating or simply meeting people when you are out socialising.

Browse the menu above, we are certain that you will find a site that will suit you. Remember, all our dating sites are safe, secure and free to join which allows you to search for potential dates in your area (amongst other things) before you decide whether you want to become a full member.

How Can Our Niche Dating Network Help?

Whatever type of date you are looking for, our broad selection of online dating sites will help you to find the perfect date much faster and more easily that going to endless events in the hopes that you will meet somebody that you gel with.

Niche dating however amplifies the importance of looking for a date online because most the members who join will already be the sort of person you are looking for. Let us assume that you want to date an executive or perhaps a millionaire, maybe you are looking for a skinny date or would like to date a policeman, fireman, doctor or nurse. Imagine how long this could take via traditional dating methods, but with one of our niche online dating sites such as Elite Dates or Skinny Dating for example the members will already fit your requirements meaning you could find a date much faster.